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PSA small nitrogen-making set
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Germany burkert valve
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PSA small nitrogen-making set

Computer controlled system
PSA nitrogen making separate nitrogen from oxygen by virtue of selective absorption of carbon molecule, pressured absorption and decompression desorption.

  Flux of nitrogen: 1Nm3/h-10Nm3/h

  Purity of nitrogen:98%-99.99%(If high purity nitrogen is needed, the nitrogen purifying machine can be used.)

  Characteristic: The advanced molecule sieve filling technology increases the efficiency of absorption and prevents pulverization of molecule sieve. Then the working life of molecule sieve is delayed.

Valve from Germany makes it used safely for one million times.

Computer controlled system from Japan KOYO or Germany Siements makes purity and flux of nitrogen stable.

Running for 10,000 hours, machine is stable.

  Process of PSA nitrogen-making machine

  PSA miscronitrogen-making machine This machine made by advanced science and technology is widely used in the fields of scientific research, military industry, automobile and food package.

Integration. Two imported integreted valves integrate system into one(gas pretreatment, two adsorption towers and gas stock tank)
Good stability. Computer programming controlling ensure nitrogen purity and flux stable.
Reliability. Gas flux velocity closes to zero in the top-phase of tower, so the molecule sieve keeps untouched
Great variety of goods. 0.5Nm3/h-10Nm3/h, purity from 95% to 99.99%.

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