PSA carbon molecular sieve...
Membrane separation nitro...
Hydrogenation deoxygen...
Carbon deoxygen machine...
Ammonia decomposition ...
Hydrogen making machine..
Hydrogen purifying machine
PSA small nitrogen-making set
Germany burkert valve
Germany burkert valve
Germany BF molecule sieve
  1. Adopts the BF's technology of Germany, advanced technological flow.

2.The molecular sieve adopts vibration or advanced German snowstorm type filling method, the filling is close and does not have the dead space.

3. Unique low-speed dividedflow and non-abrade hold-down gag.

4. The control system has touch button and liquid crystal display which is particular in the trade, the simulative chart displays recent work situation.

5.The automaticity is high, can clearly see the product's current capacity and the purity digital display, and may equip a complete set of low pressure and low purity alarm device.

6. Low energy consumption, quick aerogenesis, time can be very short.

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