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Trixie Mattel

Year in Review: So,How Was Your 2020, Trixie Mattel?

So, How Was Your 2020 is a series in which our favorite entertainers answer our questionnaire about the music, culture and memorable moments that shaped their year. We’ll be rolling these pieces out throughout December. Drag star Trixie Mattel kicked off the year with the release of her

8 Christmas movies on Netflix, warm to watch

Getting closer to the atmosphere of December A month of celebrations with long holidays Of course, many people would have plans in mind where to go to the party. But for anyone who has no plans in mind Or choose to have social displacement Which is to avoid people And the

google trend

Top 10 most searched movies on Google 2020

Top 10 hottest movies, popular with social media in 2020, that Google Thailand and people around the world search through Google the most.          Google Trends has announced its Year in Search 2020, revealing the top search queries made by Thai people to find the most in Google

5 Netflix Must-See Movies That You Might Be Sad!

Good movies over the years There are many things. Including must-see Netflix movies and genuine copyright So we have compiled good movies that should not be missed. Let’s try to choose to watch. Today we will introduce 50 must-see good movies and great Netflix movies to see. So you don’t have

“Taylor Swift” announces release of indie style album.

It truly exceeds every expectation for the famous superstar “Taylor Swift” who surprises fans around the world. With the release of the second album to end the year 2020 beautifully, evermore, a sequel to the previous album folklore to celebrate his 31st birthday as his Lucky Number on Sunday, December 13. Aside