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SpaceX’s satellite internet service is a technological marvel — when it works. The Starlink coverage map divides the globe into a honeycomb-like hexagonal grid; the satellites launched so far mostly provide service in the northern part of North America. The whole thing is still in

New Trailers Movies on HBO 2022, THE NEVERS

New Trailers Movies on HBO 2022, THE NEVERS

I had to take a break from streaming Hannibal because I’m about halfway through season 3 on HBO and I don’t want it to end (also it’s just too intense for a binge watch, let’s be real). A good batch of trailers this week, with that James

List of New Movies 2021 worth watching

List of New Movies 2021 worth watching

Believe that what movie lovers do every year After the new year is Check the list of ” New Movies 2021″ to see what new movies will be coming this year. Maybe it’s a giant movie Super hero movies, romance movies, ghost movies, Korean movies, etc., most of which are scheduled

Dr. Yoon Arum from the medical series Dr. Romantic 2

Dr. Yoon Arum from the medical series Dr. Romantic 2

You can’t move on from Doldam Hospital. Therefore would like to bring the series to get to know the real person of Dr. Yoon Arum from the series Dr. Romantic 2 made viewers lose the way of her cuteness. Rookie actress “So Joo Yeon”  , 27 years old (counting Korea), who recently entered

6 things you didn’t know supermodel “Stella Tennant”

Despite the bad news for the fashion and modeling with the loss of the world’s top model Stella Tennant gone,  never to return.  In remembrance of the time we have had with her, from the words of Khun Pu – Chamnan Phaksuk, our  creative and fashion director. She is the Deborah

Stunned when Steve Trevor returns in Wonder Woman 1984

This article details the first Wonder Woman movie, if you haven’t seen it yet, please close this article before reading it. We warned you Steve Trevor , Wonder Woman’s First Love Going back to the first Wonder Woman movie, we find that the turn of the story at the end is that Wonder

Birds of Prey 2

Birds of Prey 2 Not In Active Development Says Margot Robbie

Harley Quinn actress Margot Robbie confirms Birds of Prey 2 is not in active development several months after the first movie was released. Margot Robbie says Birds of Prey 2 is not in active development. Robbie became one of the DC Extended Universe’s biggest stars in 2016 once