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YouTube is testing a feature product detection in videos

The video giant looks like it’s getting another recommendation youtube algorithm YouTube is always running experiments. One of its latest: testing an automated list of products detected in videos uploaded to the site. As of March 22nd this year. We are experimenting with a new

What is BHA and what does it help with? Ready to suggest

“What is BHA” and what does it help with? Ready to suggest

What is BHA? Let’s know the compounds in many kinds of skin care, such as BHDA, that help with. Makes your skin beautiful, clear, acne-free, is it true that you recommend UFABET, which brands are good that girls should not miss? 6 Inspiring Songs That Fill

Square-faced woman hairstyle Which style to choose?

Square-faced woman hairstyle Which style to choose?

Square-faced women hairstyles, who do not feel confident with their own face, today we have 14 square-faced women hairstyles. Along with how to choose a hairstyle that is suitable for your face shape It is believed that there are many girls who feel insecure about their

Lee Jae-yeong

The twins of the Korean have been banned for allegedly

The twins of the Korean women’s volleyball team have stripped of the team after news of harassing others. Both were key players in the team’s lead in the Korean volleyball campaign at the Tokyo Olympics. 25-year-old Lee Jae-yeong and twins Lee Da-yeong are players at

Closed 719 factories, food industry, labor force, 30,000 workers.

More than 719 factories closed, nearly 30,000 workers, lost 4.1 billion in investment. Hitting a small factory, unable to adapt in time Department of Industrial Works explained In line with economic conditions The second round of the spread of the COVID-19 has had a serious impact on the

Horror Movies on Netflix

The 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix 2021

Here’s a look at the 10 best horror movies streaming on Netflix. From beloved classics to Netflix originals, from haunted houses to evil creatures. The Blackcoat’s Daughter Two teenage girls left behind over winter break at a boarding school. atmospheric The Blackcoat’s Daughter. while Perkins builds

Shining the beauty of "Go Yoon Jung", the series Sweet Home

Shining the beauty of “Go Yoon Jung”, the series Sweet Home.

Go Yoon Jung is another rookie actor from the series Sweet Home, where everyone falls in love with one another. The actress, Go Yoon Jung , who has become famous in the series Sweet Home, has opened up a lot of buzz for the actress from the series. And the

Taylor Swift at MTV

3 young girls The Hadid Brothers and Taylor Swift at MTV.

This is another big event in the international music industry with the MTV video Music Awards 2021. Which has a singer Celebrities maring in many events But let’s go straight to the 3 celebrities such as Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift’s birthday party, Gigi went to the event

8 Christmas movies on Netflix, warm to watch

Getting closer to the atmosphere of December A month of celebrations with long holidays Of course, many people would have plans in mind where to go to the party. But for anyone who has no plans in mind Or choose to have social displacement Which is to avoid people And the

google trend

Top 10 most searched movies on Google 2020

Top 10 hottest movies, popular with social media in 2020, that Google Thailand and people around the world search through Google the most.          Google Trends has announced its Year in Search 2020, revealing the top search queries made by Thai people to find the most in Google