6 Inspiring Songs That Fill Us With Hope

Hope is a feeling that allows people to carry on, even when they feel they’ve hit rock bottom, for Inspiring Songs the sake of seeing their expectations and desire come to fruition. Like many feelings that have been feature in K-pop.

Here is a non-exhaustive selection of some tracks that fill us with hope.

1. MONSTA X – “Stand Up”

MONSTA X beautifully spreads hope by mirroring  the state of a storm clearing up to that of achieving Inspiring Songs.

2. Stray Kids – “Mixtape #2”

Hope is vividly embodied in the lyrics for “Mixtape #2.” Stray Kids recalls the many hardships they went through since their trainee days and how they were able to overcome them by always looking on the bright side.

 3. GOT7 – “Hard Carry”

Sometimes, hope comes in the form of a fiery boost like this one with GOT7. The members are determined not to lose their spirit and keep fighting. The fire that fuels them and helps them carry themselves and each other is simply passion.

4. Jeong Sewoon – “In The Dark”

Jeong Sewoon embraces the darkness of the night only to emerge from it with a more woke mindset. No matter the circumstances, he is determined to hold his head up and confidently shine through the gloom.

5. GFRIEND – “Hope”

GFRIEND’s aura alone is a beam of hope that shines brightly through all of their music. “Hope” is exactly what you need to listen to when you are tired and need a little nudge to get back on your feet and glow even brighter!

6. ATEEZ – “Sunrise”

What can I say? Sunshine and rainbows are the official representatives of hope. ATEEZ sends a handful of encouraging words through their song to help people pursue their dreams until they are fulfilled.