“Clooney” lost weight quickly, he went to the hospital

One of the hallmarks of great stars is that they tend to lose weight or gain weight quickly in order to achieve the ideal body for their role. But sometimes it makes them very ill, for example , George Clooney, who recently admitted to being in hospital.

Clooney is getting a new movie in theaters. It’s a movie called The Midnight Sky, which he is also directing. In the film, he plays an astronomer with cancer who lives on his own after surviving a certain incident.  In order to play that role properly, Clooney tried to lose weight. Which he quickly made himself weigh less But it turned out that he was seriously ill before flying out to filming in Finland until he had to go to a doctor for several weeks.  “I think I’m trying too hard to lose weight quickly. I might not take good care of myself. It takes several weeks for symptoms to get better. And as a director, it’s not easy. Because you have to have good stamina, ”Clooney said.