“Win Win WayV” opens a private studio. Get a show in China especially

Win Win or China’s Dong Cheng Shi member WayV founded private studio. (Like a camp / agency / agency that takes care of the event) in China to manage show and entertainment events in China especially

On the SM Entertainment side According to the Korean agency, Winwin’s personal studio will help manage the schedule of Win Win’s performances in China especially And Win Win will continue to promote with the WayV members as before.

Winwin has been a member of WayV since 2019. He is also a member of NCT and has been promoting with NCT 127 members since 2016.

After WayV started promoting the song “c”, Winwin and Lucas, he bandmates, traveled to China for work. Before Lucas flew back to Korea With WinWin still in China, fans speculate that WinWin will be working for a longer period of time such as filming or series in China.

Sa no ok Music will report more details as soon as there is an update.