6 bad boy actors from “Korean dramas” that are so bad

From who have watched Korean dramas One of the most popular characters is bad boy characters. Called who has received this chapter and can hit the script It will explode. Some even played the starring role.  But was able to steal the male lead scene ever Because this chapter helps to create happiness and foster imagination. The smartest and most tactical And who will there be? Let’s follow along.

1. Woo Do Hwan

A cool tee boy famous from the series Save Me, Mad Dog and most recently Great Seducer or Temped, plays a young man who seduces the heroine to fall in love. Played by the singer of MBC’s Red Velvet’s Idol Joy, the heroine never gets lost. But we have all lost hearts.

2. Jang Mi Kwan (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)

plays the villain who kidnaps a young woman in custody. Even with the mask covering the whole story, the casting is still not completely covered. Plus in the drama is also smart as acid Create a plan to turn the police into a spinning head and call it a bad boy with a real tact. The script will smile and make us turn to please. 

3. Choi Tae Joon

a handsome and sweetheart of Nong Phak (Park Shin Hye), he played the role of murderer “Choi Tae Ho”, the real killer who killed Lee Yeol (played by Chanyeol). EXO) in the story Missing 9 that played a role against the image of a warm and kind-hearted young man who has now become the main actor. 

5. Lee Soo Hyuk 

Is one of the hottest models and has won many awards , such as Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards Best Dressed Model category 25th, used to play the role of the poet (Gwi)

6. Actor Shin Sung Rok