Longevity app calculates your life influence expectancy

Would knowing the date of your death influence your actions? It did for Tiberius Caesar. The paranoid old emperor chose to postpone the murder of his heir Caligula.

But by believing Thrasyllus’s prediction and letting his guard down. While many of us are unlikely to find ourselves in Caesar’s position, knowing how many ufabet years we have left may influence many aspects of our life – including when to retire, whether to take a long-awaited vacation, and even whether to opt for certain medical treatments.

My Longevity, a newly developed app from researchers at the University of East Anglia, now allows each of us to be our own life expectancy astrologer. But how much trust should we place in these predictions?

Life expectancy vs lifespan

Simply put, life expectancy is how long, on average, members of any given population can expect to life. This is different from lifespan, which is the maximum length of time any member of the species can survive.

The team of researchers used a sophisticated version of this approach when developing their app, informed by its previous research. This allows its app to factor in the life expectancy effects of controlled and uncontrolled high blood pressure, the presence of related illnesses such as cardiovascular disease or rheumatoid arthritis, ongoing treatment with statins, and serious risk factors, such as high cholesterol.

Life expectancy

The predictions varied from 84-90 years. As I’m 54, this may not have been a completely fair test of My Longevity because the data the team has used makes the app most accurate for the over 60s.

The East Anglia research team hopes that access to its calculator will encourage users to adopt healthier lifestyles. But anyone expecting to see the same beneficial effects on health from prescribing orange juice. These are concrete lifestyle changes people can make which can add years to their lives.