Stunned when Steve Trevor returns in Wonder Woman 1984

This article details the first Wonder Woman movie, if you haven’t seen it yet, please close this article before reading it. We warned you

Steve Trevor , Wonder Woman’s First Love

Going back to the first Wonder Woman movie, we find that the turn of the story at the end is that Wonder Woman has to feel the loss of Steve Trevor forever after Diana meets Steve. For the first time because his plane crashed into the Amazon Empire. Before you follow him, venture into the human world and discover new environments that you’ve never seen before. And that includes the feeling that she experienced “love” for the first time.

The passing of time forced Diana to hide among human society. The weakness that she touches is the love she has for Steve. And must feel the loss of him forever But even then, the feelings of nostalgia and longing in her heart never faded. Indeed, director Patti Jenkins chose to keep the character’s return intact. However, the return of this character has its implications in order to complement the entire film’s overall story uncompromisingly. Which, in fact, is Gal and Chris The two of them already knew during the filming of the first movie that if the second movie was actually made, what would they have to face?

The leap from 1918 to 1984, the transformation of technology has easily confused Steve’s character. So the point of view of Steve’s character relies on Chris’s charm and acting skills. Pine, who can play deadly jokes on various situations, too.

Chris Pine is delighted to be back with the original filmmaker. Which, of course, includes meeting Cadot again “It’s like going home again. To work with people we really like And I’ve learned from the past that chemistry is a difficult thing to make and fool, so it was really nice to be able to work in those places. I already have a good feeling. Aeon is a very generous person. She gave me warmth and her smile was like the light that sparked the entire room. The best thing is that we have fun and laugh. That’s what I love working with Patti and Gull. ”