5 Netflix Must-See Movies That You Might Be Sad!

Good movies over the years There are many things. Including must-see Netflix movies and genuine copyright So we have compiled good movies that should not be missed. Let’s try to choose to watch.

Today we will introduce 50 must-see good movies and great Netflix movies to see. So you don’t have to waste time sitting around Because we have included to choose from!

5 Netflix Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

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1. The Wolf of Wall Street: The Wolf Of Wall Street Can’t Help.

Movie worth watching Netflix the wolf of wall street

Opened at the first movie that is a movie worth watching Netflix with a serious movie. A little bit of comedy With Leonardo DriCaprio and director Martin Scorsese based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, featuring the story of a young broker. Who sell stocks wisely But your brother is not selling normally, you are a scam! With the persuasion of sweet words And sold until very rich And spend money like a piece of paper, playing drugs, parties and women from the commoner to the top until the nickname “Wolves of Wall Street” before coming down to the bottom again.

2.The Theory of Everything: Theory of eternal love

A good movie on Netflix the theory of everything

Movies that tell a biography. Of astrophysicists World-famous Stephen Hawking in the age of 21 years, both in love. And the fight against a terrible disease called Motor neuron disease or muscle weakness. But the story will focus on love Of Stephen more And the fight against various diseases That can make himself survive From receiving good encouragement And his wife by her side This story is starring award-winning Eddie Redmayne. Best Actor from an Oscar as well

3. The Social Network: The Social Network

Good movies on Netflix the social network

Another biographical movie, as always. It contains a story about Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of the hit website Facebook, who told the story before the site was founded The story of a close friend who had done it together. And reached the point of breaking There are also stories of various benefits. Come in too Thus making the film have a variety of emotions The film was directed by David Fincher and lead actor Jesse Eisenberg to help the movie. Proceed with the story in a more engaging way

4. Roma: Roma

Good movies on netflix roma

This delightful Netflix film is based on director Alfonso Cuaron ‘s personal life , tells the 1970s story of a young woman named Liboria (Liboria ‘Libo’ Rodríguez), told through Gleo. Who work as a housewife And mentors to A middle-class family in Mexico, the film is entirely black-and-white and tells the story in Spanish and mixtakes. Which is localized in Mexico too, the movie is not made as racist satire Or makes it feel that it is an uncomfortable movie in any way But a drama movie Which tells how to continue life It was deeply impressive.

5. The Revenant: Must survive

Nice movie on Netflix the revenant

A must-see, historical Netflix film During the 1823 separatism with a man named Hugh Glass who refused to die despite the cold night. Or fight the brutal grizzly bear And he tries to do whatever it takes To survive and take revenge on his son The film, directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, who has previously worked in films like Birdman, has resulted in lead actor Leonardo DriCaprio winning an Oscar with him. After a long time there are people waiting to cheer This movie conveys R. Rr out very well. Plus, each scene is very beautiful.