List of New Movies 2021 worth watching

Believe that what movie lovers do every year After the new year is Check the list of ” New Movies 2021″ to see what new movies will be coming this year. Maybe it’s a giant movie Super hero movies, romance movies, ghost movies, Korean movies, etc., most of which are scheduled to be scheduled throughout the year. has compiled new movies worth watching from 2021 to follow.

List of New Movies 2021 worth watching

New program of movies worth watching 2021 released in theaters.

Even this year I have to go to the movies in New Normal style wearing a mask. And sit spaced apart But watching movies in theaters is still the most popular form of entertainment for the new 2021, with the big blockbuster released from last year. Including many new movies that are released this year Prepare the calendar and wait. So you don’t miss out on all the fun all year round!

Note: Information updated as of February 17, 2021, some movies may change future release date. Due to the situation of the coronavirus outbreak

Release Date: January 21, 2021 The
story of the world in 2024 when COVID-23 Outbreak and fatally mutate Hundreds of millions of people died. All over the world are locked down. And the government takes drastic measures to control Leading to situations that are too stressful to handle

The End of the Storm
Release Date:  28 January 2021 
Reds fans do not miss it! A documentary that will take you to the edge of the field on the way to Liverpool FC’s 2019/20 Premier League UFABET title. Along with revealing insider stories And impressive events of the Kops around the world

SEOBOK (Seo-Bok)
Release date: N  / A (from January 28, 2021)
Korean film, a giant action-sci-fi style. Shown from last year, starring two superstars like “Gong Yoo” and “Park Bo Gum”, the film tells the story of a former spy who must go on a mission to protect “Seo-bok”, the first clone man. Of the world to be safe

Happiest Season
Release Date: February 4, 2021
Welcome the month of love with an unlimited love movie starring “Kristen Stewart” when she plans to propose to her girlfriend. But the girlfriend seems incompatible with her family. Will they be able to pass through this obstacle?