Jung Dami from “Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast” the cuteness of IU

After IU joined JTBC’s Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast, she became a good friend of one of the guests on the show.

Jung Dami is that guest. And she opened her own YouTube channel and told the good stories that happened during IU in the audience. 

“I met Ji Eun (IU) for the first time on that show. And found that we are the same age In the show we talk informally. But after the end of the program When I came back to my normal life I entered your Instagram. And I saw that she had over 18 million followers, so I realized that she really was a celebrity. And I’m just a normal person. ”- Jung Da Mi

Jung Dami said that she had not contacted IU at all. Because I don’t know how to do it But shortly after finishing the program She shared that she received a message from IU.

“I was shocked. And it feels good that you miss me I am so grateful that you greeted me before. ”- Jung Dami

Previously on the list Hyori’s Bed Mi wants to buy a candle. But she forgot because she was busy enjoying other things. After that IU went to Jeju Island. And found that candle IU sent her a picture of the candle. So IU remembered that it was what she wanted.

“Dam! How are you doing? I came to Jeju and missed her after seeing this candle that she forgot to buy! It’s very hot right now Take care of yourself and have fun with Summer! ”- IU