The twins of the Korean have been banned for allegedly

The twins of the Korean women’s volleyball team have stripped of the team after news of harassing others. Both were key players in the team’s lead in the Korean volleyball campaign at the Tokyo Olympics.

25-year-old Lee Jae-yeong and twins Lee Da-yeong are players at Heungkook Volleyball Club. (Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders) of South Korea, they admitted to bullying for a team 10 years ago while in junior high school. And has issued an apology to the victims The club has been suspended indefinitely.

At least 4 victims from a junior high school volleyball team. It has been revealed that the twins have been bullied both verbally and physically against them. By taking advantage of being the top player of the team.

Removing the twins from the national team. Comply with the Korea Volleyball Association (KVA) ufabet rules that state If an athlete or staff becomes involved in a social impact story Will not be able to represent the country to compete at the national level.

The E twins help the South Korean team win tickets to compete in the Tokyo Olympics. After winning the Asian Tournament in January,

the two were very famous in South Korea. By having participated in many television programs As well as being a presenter for Kia Motors, TV shows and commercials have announced their departure from various media outlets.

Kia Motors cancels commercial broadcast schedule for the twins.

A quarter of the people who were bullied by the twins revealed how they bullied the volleyball at Geunyeong Middle School. She cited 21 examples.

“Don’t you remember when you hit my mouth? Throw my glasses away? ”The twin victim wrote what the twins did to her. The twins have also used a knife to threaten their teammates who refuse to obey their orders at night.

“Even after many years But I am still in pain from such dread. But the people who bully me smile and get on TV. “