Closed 719 factories, food industry, labor force, 30,000 workers.

More than 719 factories closed, nearly 30,000 workers, lost 4.1 billion in investment. Hitting a small factory, unable to adapt in time Department of Industrial Works explained In line with economic conditions

The second round of the spread of the COVID-19 has had a serious impact on the business sector. Many industrial factories cannot continue to operate. Many factories have to reduce production capacity. Some places have to use the method of merging, collapsing and relocating their factories. The latest in late January. Marygot Jewelry Factory (Thailand) at Bangpoo Industrial Estate Samut Prakan Province It closed the factory and moved to the factory in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province instead to reduce costs.

Recently, the Department of Industrial Works reported that in 2020, 719 factories were closed, 29,917 workers, total investment of 41,722.30 million baht, totaling 679,434 horsepower, with the top five business types being plastic products 64 factories. 2,119 workers, 1,502 million baht funding.

While Mr. Nawa Chantanasurakhon, chairman of the steel industry The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) said that in 2020,

“If the steel mill is close due to over-supply It is a mechanism that creates good balance. This will reduce the competition. But if closed because of COVID-19 This one is awesome The state must hurry to discuss the common development plan. So that you can know which iron is used a lot Which one is less used? Which one will promote? Must come to integrate again for the BOI to join as well