7 Thai idols from K-POP

The K-POP trend in our home has become buzzing again. Since the fourth girl BLACKPINK (BLACKPINK), the No. 1 girl group from South Korea, announced the opening of the show in Thailand. 

Before showing the blast of excitement in Thailand for three times, the Thai “Blink” has enjoyed it a few days ago. This coming coincided with the trend with the hashtag #RespectLisa from the case of Lisa-Lalisa, a 21-year-old Thai girl who is a member of the BLACKPINK group.

From the wave of interest in Lisa BLACKPINK, this issue of “DLife – Prachachat Business” will take you to explore the K-POP idol industry. There are still many UFABET Thai people who are well known. Who will it be? We have gathered for everyone to get to know each other.

Mr. Nichkhun Horvejakul

Not to mention not to mention the first Thai artist in the K-POP industry like Nichkhun of 2PM, a famous boy band from JYP Entertainment. Nichkhun enter the industry by accident.

Bambam – Kanpimuk Phuwakun

GOT7’s puffy-cheeked boy who carries a smile everywhere that everyone loves his cuteness. 

Lisa – Lalisa Manobal

Another pride of Thai people with this smart girl. Lisa is the first and only foreign artist of YG Entertainment. She won the YG Audition in Thailand in 2010 and trained with the South Korean agency since 2011

Ten-Chitaphon Leechaipornkul

The first Thai artist of SM Entertainment Ten is one of the boyband members who are climbing to fame as “NCT U”.

Minnie – Nichayontarak

Minnie, 22, is a member of G-idle from Cube Entertainment. She began training as a trainee at the agency when she was 18 years old after she decided to drop out of high school six at the time for over three years.

Sor – Chonnasasajakun