New Trailers Movies on HBO 2022, THE NEVERS

I had to take a break from streaming Hannibal because I’m about halfway through season 3 on HBO and I don’t want it to end (also it’s just too intense for a binge watch, let’s be real).

New Trailers Movies on HBO 2022, THE NEVERS

A good batch of trailers this week, with that James Gunn movie everyone’s talking about and a Netflix flick about a group of astronauts headed to Mars who — surprise!— have an extra person aboard their ship.

so you’ll have to watch on YouTube after you verify you are old enough to watch a violent super villain movie trailer with a Steely Dan song playing in the background (which got the very old song trending).


This is the first full trailer of the HBO Max series about a group of women in Victoria-era England who suddenly have unexpected super powers. If you’ve heard of it but aren’t sure why, it may be the off-screen problems with creator Joss Whedon. He stepped away from the project six episodes in citing exhaustion (however, in addition to accusations of “abusive” behavior from actor Ray Fisher on the set of Justice League, several actresses from Buffy the Vampire Slayer have since come forward saying Whedon created a toxic work environment on that show).

HBO opted to move forward with at least the first six episodes under a new showrunner and executive producer. The Nevers will debut April 11th on HBO Max.