The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window. It must be admitt that the trend of Boy’s Love style stories continues to be unfailingly popular. With fans today, and if this line sells not only the general romance, but is supplemente with the theme of horror. Instead It’s probably a blockbuster movie with interesting ideas and concepts, and this is “The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window “, the latest Japanese live-action BL movie. got on the big screen to make Sai Yai to be able to scream softly.

Demon hunting triangle Adapted from a popular manga It tells the story of Mikado Kosuke. Who has seen ghosts since he was a child. causing him to grow up with difficulty. And have to keep this special ability of himself from anyone know and was never use to the creepiness of the ghosts. Until he meets Hiyakawa Rihito, a handsome young man who hides a mystery. Along with receiving offers to use his special skills to work together. Hiyakawa had the same skills as the Warlord. He and Mikado were merge with each other’s powers. To complete the mission in each case Later, there was a police detective. Who is involve in a serial murder case. Creepy slaughter has asked them to help track down the mystery of this case.

Let’s be honest, The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window is a manga that’s quite difficult to figure out. How to tell a story. because it is fill with many connotations and symbols in the form of beliefs. Which will have to combine the narrative of Boy’s Love, but in the end it came out as a movie with a weird concept. And when the taste is enough to crunch, it is at an acceptable level. Although there are many elements that invite Eh-ah, it is full of them.

The film is set to have a distinctive element of horror and mystery. As for this part. It is consider that the movie has almost reached the end of the road. Only issues Still only touching the surface Despite trying to go into details in hopes of reaching the essence. But the movie still didn’t go to the very end. While the components of the BL are not overtly focused. But put aura to permeate it throughout the story Just a rather shocking and stressful plot line of the story. Ploy makes me feel that I’m still not familiar with the chemistry of both of them.