Kodaline has released a new album, “One Day At A Time”

Irish rock artist Kodaline has released new releases this year for fans to listen to since the beginning of the year. The singles ‘Wherever You Are’, ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Saving Grace’ are ready today with their 4th new album “One Day At A Time”. So full of emotions And the meaning of the meaning that all members of the band have participated in composing to be perfect

“The important thing this time around is to capture the feelings of everything we have come across in the song. which is our strength to be included in the songs of this album. ”- said lead singer Steve Garrigan.

“Our songs are so emotional that we distill as much as we can. It’s an optimistic view of recording the songs on this album. ”- Says drummer Vinnie May.

In addition to the first 3 singles that have been released to listen There is also another highlight song for this album that they recommend. ‘Spend It With You’, the story of a couple who vowed to live together. Until the song that describes the beauty of the relationship that includes both the hard and easy moments in ‘Care’ and the conclusion of all the stories that have come through in ‘In The End’, call it all the songs of this album. We reconfigure it in a very interesting way.

The album “One Day At A Time” is officially released worldwide on June 12, so you can pre-order. Streaming is available on all channels here. https://kodaline.ffm.to/onedayatatimepresave

“One Day At A Time” tracklist:

1. ‘Wherever You Are’
2. ‘Sometimes’
3. ‘Saving Grace’
4. ‘Say Something’
5. ‘The Evening’
6. ‘Spend It With You’
7. ‘Care’
8. ‘Heart Open’
9 . ‘Everyone Changes’
10. ‘In The End’