Shining the beauty of “Go Yoon Jung”, the series Sweet Home.

Go Yoon Jung is another rookie actor from the series Sweet Home, where everyone falls in love with one another.

The actress, Go Yoon Jung , who has become famous in the series Sweet Home, has opened up a lot of buzz for the actress from the series. And the girl Go Yoon Jung was one of them. Making the Fancy Series fascinated by the beauty and loveliness of the entire bar from korea.

The team tries to rescue Hyun-soo from the basement and then arrives in time to save Mr. Han from the spider monster.  Ji-soo is discovered to have appendicitis and needs surgery so the dispatch team heads out to get surgery tools on top of food. But as soon as the dispatch team gets outside, their vehicle gets hit and turns upside down. It is also revealed that Hyun-soo was bullied in school.

On the other hand, Lee Jin Wook commented, “When I look at my character Pyun Sang Wook, I cannot see myself at all. I prepared a lot and tried to show a completely different side of myself. I hope people don’t realize it’s me.”

Lee Do Hyun’s character is the brilliant Lee Eun Hyuk, whose sharp mind and cool disposition help him lead the residents of the apartment building. The director revealed that the actor was very similar to his role and Lee Do Hyun commented, “I agree. I think we’re about 70 percent similar.”

Lastly, the director revealed, “There isn’t a single cut without computer generated imagery (CGI). Every scene got a lot of help from CGI.