Dr. Yoon Arum from the medical series Dr. Romantic 2

You can’t move on from Doldam Hospital. Therefore would like to bring the series to get to know the real person of Dr. Yoon Arum from the series Dr. Romantic 2 made viewers lose the way of her cuteness. Rookie actress “So Joo Yeon”  , 27 years old (counting Korea), who recently entered the entertainment industry.

So Jooyeon  made her industry debut through the thriller film  The Whispering in 2018, and began to gain attention through her acting in web drama Not Alright, But It’s Alright.

Character image in web drama Not Alright, But It’s Alright 
(Thai sub)

Before there was a performance on television Starred  in MBC’s My Healing Love weekend series, followed by KBS’s I Hate Going to Work  office series, and was born through roles. Dr. Yoon Arum in the series Dr. Romantic 2 finally, not only her character will get attention. The chemistry between the actress and Kim Min Jae is talked about and is loved by fans just like the main couple.

Ying got to know and follow her through Instagram, a cute and natural lifestyle. Along with So Joo Yeon ‘s bright smile that made fans even more in love with her.

So Joo Yeon revealed to be an actress that she wanted to be. In an interview with Nylon magazine, “I want to make audiences feel approachable. And became an actress with a natural presence that makes audiences wonder if I am like that character in real life. “